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Simple Steps to Raising Funds with Top of the Lake Coffee

Start the process by sending an email to and set up your account. We’ll send you a customized brochure for your group to use as they talk about your group’s fundraising project and how the sale of coffee will produce a greater good throughout the coffee-production highway.

Then your sellers will take orders for our 100% Guatemala Blend coffee (using the form we provide) and collect payment for their sales.

At the end of your sale, you will gather all forms and place one bulk order.  You’ll remit payment for the amount of coffee ordered from Top of the Lake and keep the balance for your group’s project.

Finally, we'll roast, bag, and label  your coffee (for a small fee, we’ll customize the front label with your group’s logo). We'll quickly ship your bulk order to you for distribution and your supporters will enjoy a daily cup of coffee goodness—and be reminded of your cause with each sip!


Request your Intro Pack and get your project started right!

For $25, you will receive

  • Downloadable and customized sales brochure and spreadsheet
  • 2 Pounds of coffee
  • Handwoven artisan bracelets for your group
  • Free Shipping

Email to get rolling.



This is great coffee for greater GOOD!

 Each bag purchased produces three outstanding points of good:

  1. It provides resources for community development in the coffee-producing communities in Guatemala.
  2. It gives a generous portion of the margin to the non-profit organization of your choice.
  3. It helps your group raise funds, communicate the vision for your mission trip, and make deeper connections within your own community!



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