El Chichon Chiapas Mexico


El Chichon Chiapas Mexico coffee is grown at high altitudes in the legendary Chiapas coffee production region of Mexico.

Strictly High Altitude Grown. Small Farm Produced. Chiapas Region, Mexico.

Exportadora Café California has been working hand in hand with small producers for decades in these areas, not only purchasing their coffee but also giving them support and agriculture know-how. The small producers from which we mainly purchase the parchment coffee for our SHG EP Jacinto hand pulp, ferment, wash and sun-dry all of their coffee. They depend heavily on good weather at the time of drying in order to achieve the optimum quality. Several micro climates around 2,000 meters that exhibit heavy humidity but less rainfall give the coffee in this region an outstanding acidity and a fine body.

Cupping notes:  Notes of dark cocoa & caramel, medium body and bright citrus acidity.

Shipped to you in a 12 ounce package.

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Weight 12 oz