Ancelmo Blanco
Brent Bromstrup of Top of the Lake Coffee Roasters and Ancelmo Blanco
Fiesta en La Boca
Fiesta en la Boca Restaurant and Hotel

Fiesta en la Boca

Ancelmo Blanco grew up in San Juan la Laguna and graduated from secondary school in town. He attended a culinary school in a nearby city and upon graduation returned to fulfill his lifelong dream of establishing his own restaurant. In 2012, Ancelmo founded “Fiesta en la Boca” (“Party in the Mouth”) restaurant. Because “Fiesta” quickly outgrew the original location, he leased a building with space on the main floor for his restaurant and two additional floors with 12 hotel rooms.

When the Top of the Lake team met with Ancelmo in 2014 he had a big vision for the restaurant and hotel business, but no cash to move forward. He received business mentoring from Top of the Lake and a micro loan through our “Greater Good” fund in early 2015.  Loan funds have made it possible for him to purchase needed equipment for the restaurant, upgrade amenities for the hotel, and improve the marketing of the hotel within the community. The following television commercial is one outcome of the partnership between Ancelmo and the Greater Good fund from Top of the Lake.